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Tracer Dream 75V Series
Tracer Dream 75V Series adopts MPPT technology. It's also ran by 32 bits CPU,so stability and speed can be guaranteed. Based on the synchronous rectifier technology,the transfer efficiency of circuit can be increased up to 98.5%and the Pmax tracking accuracy up to 99. 5%.So our MPPT can trace the accurate Pmax in the shortest time (10~20s) ,even when the sunlight changes rapidly. It can perfectly handle extreme weather or weak sunlight.
Product Description
  • 01
     High Conversion Efficiency
    TD series controllers use the latest MPPT algorithm to improve tracking efficiency and speed ,reduce energy loss
  • 02
    Distinctive heat dissipation character
    TD 75V series adopts aluminum alloy radiator for heat dissipation,industrial grade aluminum alloy heat dissipation,longer life and more stable
  • 03
    Power limited protection
    When the power of solar charging exceeds the rated power of the controller,Ldsolar controller will limit the input power,and work at the rated power of controller without damaging the controller
  • 04
    Upgrade of starting from solar panel
    Fully support lithium batteries after the upgrade is complete .After the lithium battery is protected, it can be reactivated by the solar panel, so that the entire system automatically resumes work
  • 05
    Built-in bluetooth/WIFI module
    Optional built-in bluetooth or WIFI module, after this module is connected with cell phone APP, it can monitor real-time data of controllers without missing important data.
  • 06
    Insulates,protects and seals eletronic parts
    It can form a shiny protective film on the circuit board, So as to improve the reliablility of ldsolar controller and guarantee their service life.
Product details
Patented red and black ports
ABS anti-fall shell
External temperature sensor

Product parameter


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