Tracer Dream 150V TU Series MPPT Solar Controller
Tracer Dream 150V TU Series MPPT Solar Controller

Tracer Dream 150V TU Series MPPT Solar Controller.


TD 150V series of product adopt synchronous rectification technology and common negative design, and equipped with LCD. The advanced MPPT control algorithm can quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of photovoltaic array in any environment, obtain the maximum energy of solar panel in real time, and improve the energy utilization of solar energy system. It can be used in communication base station, household system, street light system and monitoring system and so on. Perfect electronic protection function and patent terminal structure can avoid the damage of components and due to system fault and installation error.

l Advanced MPPT technology, fast and stable track the Maximum Power Point, tracking accuracy 99.5%.

l Adopt Synchronous Rectification Technology, significantly improve the transfer efficiency of circuit, maximum 98%.

l With double peak or multi peak power tracking technology, when the solar panels is shaded or part of solar panels is damaged, multiple peaks will appear in the I-V curve, and the controller can still accurately track to the maximum power point.

l PV array limited input power function, to ensure that the controller dose not overload operation under any condition. When the power of solar panels is too high and the charging current is more than rated current, the controller automatically reduces the charging power to make it work under the rated power.

l Wide range of Maximum Power Point of PV array, Max PV input voltage 150V

l 12/24V/48VDC System voltage automatic recognition.

l Humanized LCD displaying, multi button combination operation, dynamic display operation data and working state

l Built-in operation log, account system working state

l Multi load control mode: Normal Mode, Sensor Mode, Timer and Sensor Mode

l 3 stages charging mode, Sealed, Gel, Flooded, Lithium several types battery charging procedure selection

(After the lithium battery is selected, the system voltage will not be recognized automatically)

l Temperature Compensation Function(After the lithium battery is selected, there is no temperature compensation function).

l Accumulation function of charging and discharging, actual time display power generation function.

l Fullest digital protection functions: Reverse connection, Overcharging, Over-discharging, Over voltage, Overload, Short circuit, Overtemperature.

l 25mm2 connectors, red and black connector distinguish plus and minus.

l Using standard Modbus communication protocol based on RS-485 communication bus, maximize satisfaction different occasions communication need.

l Optional Blue-tooth or WiFi communication module, through the mobile phone APP can view and set the parameters of the controller in real time.

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Golden Ratio Asymmetric Design

The controller adopts asymmetrical design, and the LCD screen is located at the golden section, with a harmonious proportion and beautiful appearance.


150V solar panel input

50A, 60A /12V-24V-48V

Continuous output at full load and no attenuation, all for high efficiency. about efficiency.

Main control chip

ARM architecture, high-quality 32-bit main control chip, improve charging efficiency comprehensively.

The main control chip adopts STMicroelectronics, and the other components adopt Samsung and Toshiba components to ensure the stability and life of the controller.


High Tracking Accuracy

High Conversion Efficiency

TD series controllers use the latest MPPT algorithm to improve tracking efficiency and speed , reduce energy

Heat dissipation

Distinctive heat dissipation character

TD150V series adopt aluminum alloy radiator for heat 


Industrial grade aluminum alloy heat dissipation, longer life, more stable.

Protect the

Power Limited Protection

When the power of solar charging exceeds the rated power of the controller, Ldsolar controller will limit the input power, and work at the rated power of controller without damaging the controller. 

In the system that the MPPT controller of Ldsolar is installed, the power of solar panel can be more than the rated power of controller. But cannot exceed 2 times.

Fast Tracking

Good Low Light Fast Tracking

Under low light conditions, Ldsolar controller can still track to the MPP quickl.

In the case of lightchanges during the day, It can track in time and accurately.

It can achieve good balance between low disturbance 

amplitude and quick response and also can identify the MPP in the case of multiple peaks.

System Voltage12V/24V/48V DC auto
Working voltage range8~68V
Max.PV open circuit voltage150V(Min.working temperature)140V(25℃)
MPPT voltage range(Battery voltage+2V)~125V
Rated charge current50A60A
Rated discharge current//
Max.PV input power

650W/12V  1300W/24V  2600W/48V

800W/12V  1600W/24V  3200W/48V

GroundingCommon positive
Battery typeSealed(Default)/Gel/Flood/Lithium
LVD※*11.0V ADJ 9V...12V ; x2/24V ; x4/48V
LVR※*12.6V ADJ 11V...13.5V ;x2/24V ; x4/48V
Float Voltage※*13.8V ADJ 13V... 15V ; x2/24V ; M/48V
Boost Voltage※*14.4V ADJ 13V...17V ;x2/24 ; x4/48V
battery voltage less than 12.6v auto boost 2hours
Battery Over Voltage Protection16.5V ; x2/24V ; x4/48V
USB Output/
Temperature Consumption#For 12Vsystem:-24mV /°C ;x2/24V ; x4/48V
RS485 interface√ ̄
Relative humidity≤95%, N.C.
WorkingTemperature-20°C~+50°C℃(Product can work continuously at full load)
LCD temperature range-20°C~+70°C
Waterproof gradeIP32
Mounting hole sizeΦ5mm
Overall dimension(mm)277*243*103mm277*243*103mm

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