Ldsolar mppt regulator TD75V mttp charge controller manufacturer

Ldsolar mppt regulator TD75V mttp charge controller manufacturer

 Ldsolar mppt regulator TD75V mttp charge controller manufacturer

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Installation of Instruction

n Controller Fixed

1) The controller should be installed well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and do not install in location where water can enter the controller.

2) Please select correct screw to fix the controller on the wall or other platform. Screw M4 or M5, Screw cap diameter less than 10mm.

3) Please reserve enough space between the wall and controller, to allow for cooling and cable connection.

4) The mounting holes distance is 189mm*85mm,diameter of hole is 5mm。

5) Aluminum fins for natural cooling, we strong suggest hanging installation, this is better for air flow cooling effect.

n Controller Connection

« All terminals are in tight status after factory, in order to well connected, please loose all terminals at first.

« The following order of connection please do not free change, the controller have battery voltage auto selection function, or cause system voltage recognition fault.

« Before connection, please confirm the voltage of system fit for our controller, the open circuit of solar panel and maximum power at the using range of controller.

In order to avoid fault installation, please refer to below procedure

1) As figure, first connected the battery to controller correct poles. In order to avoid short circuit, please screw the cable of battery to the controller in advance, then connected to battery poles secondly. If your connection is correct, the LCD displaying will show battery voltage and other technical data. If LCD no displaying, please check the fault. The length of cable between battery and controller as shorter as possible. Suggest to 30CM -100CM. 

If short circuit happened on the terminals of controller, it will be result in fire or explode. Please be careful. (We strongly suggest to connecting a fuse at the battery side 1.5time of rated current of controller.)

2) As figure, connected solar panels with controller correctly, if the connection is successful and sunshine is full, the LCD will show solar panel and an arrow from solar panel to battery will be light, we have below suggestions about solar panels connection.

u Risk of electric shock, please pay attention to protection

u The max input voltage from solar panel could reach 100v, please try to use series connection in order to simplified cables.

u In series connection could get down the current of solar panel, reduce sectional area of cable and voltage drop.

For example: 17V 120Wx2 solar panels charge 12V battery, if we use PWM controller, we have to in parallel connection, the solar panel array voltage is 17V, current is 14A, current density is 3A/mm2. So we need sectional area 5 mm2. If we in series connection solar panels array voltage is 34V, current is 7A, At this time we need sectional area of cable 2.5 mm2, half conductor area reduced than parallel connection.

3) As figure, connected loads with controller correctly. In order to avoiding injury from load voltage, please close to the output of controller with button at first, then connected the load on the controller. The controller do not offer reverse connection protection for load, so please take care, reverse connection for output will be destroy loads.

Attention: If users want to connect inverter or inrush starting current loads, please connected them with battery directly, do not connected them with controller, or the controller load can not be start or destroy.

4) Insert type external temperature sensor: external temperature sensor used for temperature compensation, please closed to battery as nearer as possible, if the temperature sensor do not plug in, the controller will default 25℃.

5) RS485 communication interface: Monitored by professional wire and host computer. (optional)

6) USB output:USB could offer 5V,Max 1000mA for mobile, laptop, MP3 and so on. (40A not available USB output at the moment)

Warning: Please do not connect USB loads to anywhere, the USB output negative poles is in series with Load negative poles.

n About ground connection of solar system

Please noted, this solar charge controller designed by all positive connection, all components inside the controller are positive combined together. If your solar system needs ground connection, please let positive ground connection.

Warning: For some force to ground connected system, such as solar communication system, portable solar system, they are negative ground connected, at this time please do not positive connected, or can cause short circuit.

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Wuhan Welead New Energy Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wuhan Welead S&T Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, and only produces solar controllers. The factory is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. We are committed to installing advanced ldsolar controllers for every off-grid solar system. With registered brand LDSOLAR, our main items are: 1,PWM solar controllers,represented by Land Dream Series,Sky Dream Series and Ocean Dream Series with power range from 10A to 60A,voltage 12V-24V,48V. 2,MPPT solar controllers,represented by Tracer Dream Series,power range from 15A to 80A, and voltage are 12V-24V-48V. Using imported 32-bit chips and a new generation of self-developed MPPT algorithm, the controller has higher sampling accuracy and faster response speed, effectively increasing the utilization rate of solar panels by 20% to 30%. In order to ensure a good experience for customers when using our controllers, the products strictly follow the ISO9001 production process, comply with the latest test standard EN62109, have obtained CE, RoHS and IEC international standard certification, and more than 30 national patents. Strict material control and production process management guarantee over 99.9% of qualified products and extremely high customer satisfaction Use ldsolar controller,Build off-grid solar system!      

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After-sale warranty


1.Factory Warranty

The PWM controller provides a 1.5 years warranty, and the MPPT controller provides a 3 years warranty.

2.Factory Commitment

We promise that the solar controllers produced by our company are full power.

We promise that never use old components, "Fake one, Fine 100,000RMB".

3.Worry-free after sales

During the warranty period, non-artificial product failures occur, our company promises to replace new one for free

After “three-step confirmation " to quickly identify.

Why us


We are an integrated solar energy company specialized in R&D, Producing and marketing solar charge controllers.

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Insulates,protects and seals eletronic parts.It can form a shiny protective film on the circuit board, So as to improve the reliablility of ldsolar controller and guarantee their service life


After sale

During the warranty period, non-artificial product failures occur, our company promises to replace new one for free

After “three-step confirmation " to quickly identify.


We adopt the newest test standard EN62109-1, 62109-2 and quality management system of ISO9001 for internal and external test to control quality.After multiple certifications, the quality is guaranteed and quality services are provided

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