solar technology international charge controller customer system demonstration

solar technology international charge controller customer system demonstration

In this video, we’ll be showing you how to connect ldsolar charge controller to connect the battery and solar panel. 

Land Dream Series charge controller is 10A to 60A PWM charge controller met for 12v,24 and 48V systems. 

The first step needed to set up the land dream charge controller, it’s to connect to a 12v or 24v battery and this video we’ll use a 12v battery. 

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We use this cable to make the connection. As you can see the controller turned on once the battery was connected.

The ocean dream controller was displayed 10 different parameters, to circle through the displays.

press “menu” button on the left, here are 10 displays. First one is the main screen for battery voltage,

next is total charging amper hour, next is total discharging amper hour,

next is float voltage, next is boost voltage, next is load reconnect voltage, next is load disconnect voltage.

How to set these parameters?

If you want to set Float voltage number, press Menu button for 5 seconds after entering this interface, then the number start flashing. You can adjust the numbers to what you want by two buttons, then press menu button until the number stop flashing and setup is done.

next is load mode, next is battery temperature, the last is battery type

The second step is to set the battery type, the OD and SD controller can charge sealed, gel, flooded and lithium batteries.

To change the battery type, press “menu” button one by one until the battery type screen shows up.

 the default setting is sealed(SEL),  Press and hold the “menu” button on the left to enter the setting state.and word SEL is flash.  GEL is for gel battery,FLD is for flooded battery,LI is for LiO3 battery,LF is for LiFePO4 battery.

Press menu or operationt button to select the right battery type you and hold menu button for 5 seconds to save the setting and cancer the setting state.

The final step is to connect the solar panel and load

This panel for demonstration purpose only. So we will be connecting it located outside. Once the panel is connectedBe careful donot connect positive and negative reverselythe PV icon will be showing on the LCD screen.if charging,charging arrow icon will be showing on the LCD.

For load connection,if it is a DC load ,it can be connected directly to the load output of controller.

If it is a AC load ,you need a inverter connected to the battery or the load output of controller.Usually we connect inverter to the battery directly.

This sums up our installation video. We hope this video has helped you from familiar eyes with yourself with our ldsolar charge controller. For the other series of ldsolar charge controller,the installation is nearly the same.

For any other questions regarding to the unit, please give us supporting recall. You can find our contact information below. Thanks for your approaches and have a wonderful day.

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