Ocean Dream Solar Charge Controller from Ldsolar reviews (2021 buyers guide)

Ocean Dream Solar Charge Controller from Ldsolar reviews (2021 buyers guide)

Ocean Dream Solar Charge Controller from Ldsolar reviews (2021 buyers guide)

In this video, I’ll show you best Ocean Dream Solar Charge Controller from Ldsolar reviews (2021 buyers guide). Enjoy and subscribe this video!

Wuhan Welead New Energy Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wuhan Welead S&T Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, and only produces solar controllers. The factory is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. We are committed to installing advanced ldsolar controllers for every off-grid solar system.
With registered brand LDSOLAR, our main items are:
1,PWM solar controllers,represented by Land Dream Series,Sky Dream Series and Ocean Dream Series with power range from 10A to 60A,voltage 12V-24V,48V.
2,MPPT solar controllers,represented by Tracer Dream Series,power range from 15A to 80A, and voltage are 12V-24V-48V. Using imported 32-bit chips and a new generation of self-developed MPPT algorithm, the controller has higher sampling accuracy and faster response speed, effectively increasing the utilization rate of solar panels by 20% to 30%.
In order to ensure a good experience for customers when using our controllers, the products strictly follow the ISO9001 production process, comply with the latest test standard EN62109, have obtained CE, RoHS and IEC international standard certification, and more than 30 national patents. Strict material control and production process management guarantee over 99.9% of qualified products and extremely high customer satisfaction
Use ldsolar controller,Build off-grid solar system!


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Ocean Dream Solar Charge Controller from Ldsolar reviews (2021 buyers guide)

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Ocean Dream Series
Ocean Dream Series (OD in short) is our newest designed PWM solar controllers. Its specialty lies in the inner 32 bits CPU,which enables the controllers to work faster and more stable. It built 4USB port and a screw driver inside.Besides,our unique black&Red big terminals design facilitate your connection in real application. The white frosted plastic shell is very natural no matter where it is placed in your home or RV.     
Product Description
System Voltage 12V/24V/48V
  • 01
    Hidden design
    The slide cover design protects the interface and the wire by extending the lower lip.
  • 02
    Red and black terminal
    Open mold custom designed for DC large diameter ports suitable for solar systems requiring large diameter wires to reduce line loss and voltage drop.
  • 03
    Built-in screwdriver
    Worry-free use,It is there whenever you need it.
  • 04
    Supports lithium batteries and a variety of battery types.
  • 05
    Main control chip  
    ARM architecture, high-quality 32-bit main control chip, improve charging efficiency comprehensively.
  • 06
    Simple Design,Good looking
    The OD series adopts rounded corners and a simple appearance design.
Product details
Large-diameter red and black terminals
Free USB Charging
Built-in screwdriver 

Product parameter

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