Our battery balancer GD series can solve the overcharge and overdischarge problems of single battery in series battery packs. Using energy transfer balancing, the balancing current is up to 5A, and it is designed to be 24V and 48V. Other types of voltages can be used in parallel. The GD series equalizer comes with a built-in LCD display that intuitively displays working parameters and can be set. Easy to install, 1pc GD4805 can solve problems that can only be solved by 3pcs traditional battery balancers. New solutions are given for battery protection, battery selection and mixed use of old and new batteries.

  • LDSOLAR Smart Battery Ballancer LDSOLAR Smart Battery Ballancer
    1、 LDSOLAR's battery balancer GD2405 adopts an energy transfer balancing method to convert the unbalanced high voltage battery energy in the battery pack to the low voltage battery.2、LDSOLAR's battery balancer GD2405 is designed with a maximum balancing current of 5A.3、The connection of LDSOLAR's battery balancer GD4805 is very easy. A 48V battery pack only requires one battery balancer, which can be connected by connecting 5 wires in sequence.4、LDSOLAR's GD series of battery balancer are designed with LED indicator. Display working status more intuitively5、LDSOLAR's full range of battery balancer GD are designed with LCD displays. It can display the voltage of a single battery, there are up to 4 equalization modes for you to choose from.6、LDSOLAR's battery balancer GD series has reverse polarity protection and battery low-voltage shutdown functions7、LDSOLAR's battery balancer GD series can be used with a mix of old and new batteries and batteries of different capacities. When a battery fails, you only need to replace one or a few batteries, and the performance of the entire battery pack can still be maintained, saving users considerable replacement costs.8、LDSOLAR's battery balancer GD2405 can be used in parallel. A 48V battery pack only requires 3pcs GD2405. Of course, you can also directly choose GD4805 to adapt to the 48V battery pack.

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