Meaning of Protection Function

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Meaning of Protection Function

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2018/01/18 16:55
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1.PV Reverse Polarity Protection Ifthe solar panel reverse connection, the controller will not destroy,corrected  theconnection the controller willbe normally working.
2.PV ShortCircuit Protection Whenthe solar panels have short circuit or reverse connection, the controller  willbe off the charging  immediately, after clearing of the short circuit,the  chargingwill be automatically continue.
3.ThunderProtection Thisproduct could only protect small lightning induction, we suggest to use lightningrod at frequency area.
4.BatteryOver Charge Protection itcan protect the battery from over charge,when battery over chargefunction  isworking ,controller will stop  charging and can only discharge to the load
5.BatteryOver Discharge Protection  itcan protect the battery from over-discharge,when battery over discharge protectionis working,controller will    stop discharging to the load ,andcan  onlycharge to the battery by solar panel.when charging the battery to LVR  voltagepoint,the controller will restart to discharge the load automatically.
6.BatteryReverse Polarity Protection Ifthe batter reverse connection, the controller will not destroy, corrected  theconnection the controller will be  normally working.
7.BatteryOver Voltage Protection Whenthe voltage of battery was more than 16.5V, the controllerwill be  autoclosed charging and output in order to destroy the battery and loads
8.LoadOverload Protection Ifthe current of load is more than 1.5 times rated current of controller, thecontroller will be cut off the output  after 30s and lock. Usershave to decreaseloads and press“”unlock, or 30s later thecontroller will auto restart unlock.
9.LoadShort-Circuit Protection Whenthe load have short circuit, the controller will be cut off immediately and lock.Users have to clearing the  short circuit and press“→”unlock, or 30slater the controller will auto restart unlock.
10.Reverse BatteryCurrent Flow Protection At Night  Duringnighttime when voltage of battery is more than that of solar panels. currentcould start flowing from  battery to panels,this could be veryharmful  forsolar panel.ldsolar's controller ensures that the current always  flowfrom panelto batteries,and never in the reverse direction.
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